Unit/Recruiter Resources

Recruiters:¬†Whether you are a Unit, District, Post or School, we need your help recruiting high quality delegates to attend this year’s ALA Evergreen Girls State program! It is important that recruiters fully understand the program. Please review the website and the materials below. All of these materials are available to print and begin using immediately in your recruiting efforts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your District Chairperson, a member of the Girls State Committee or info@evergreengirlsstate.com.

2023 Application & Registration:  This year, applications for ALA Evergreen Girls State will be accepted online through our website. Units/Posts may send their recruits through the online application process and those applications will be sent to the Units (noted on the application). Units/Posts may also choose to run their own selection process or use the paper version of the application (linked below) and e-mail in the form to info@evergreengirlsstate.com

The cost to attend ALA Evergreen Girls State for 2023 is $600; of this, $400 is tuition paid by the Units/Posts and $200 is a registration fee paid by the girls. Units/Posts also may pay the full $600 for the girls if they choose, however, we feel it is helpful when girls are invested themselves in attending. We do not want to turn any girls away due to inability to pay the registration fee.

If girls apply who are not currently working with a Unit/Post but need a sponsor, we will work to match them with a Unit/Post in their area for sponsorship. If you are a Unit/Post who has funds, but does not have any girls, please use the Selection Form below to send in your check and indicate you are willing to be a sponsor. If you have recruited girls but are in need of additional funds, please reach out Emily Marks at emily@evergreengirlsstate.com who will assist in matching sponsorships.

Once Units/Posts have made their final selections of which girls will be sponsored to attend, please fill out the Selection Form below with their names. This form should be sent in with the Unit/Post’s check to the Evergreen Girls State Treasurer: Terri Campbell, ALA EGS Treasurer, 3633 Oceanside Drive, Greenbank, WA 98253. The students will pay their registration fee online or can also send a check to the EGS Treasurer.

Once the girls’ names have been received and the tuition fee has been paid by the Unit/Post, the Unit/Post’s job in this process is done! The girls will be sent the registration forms electronically and the EGS Committee will follow-up with them for payment and signatures as needed. Units/Districts should work to schedule in-person orientation sessions with their girls as desired.

Key Dates

January 20: Online applications are open

May 20: Application deadline

May 26: Registration deadline & last day to request refund

June 11 – 17:  Evergreen Girls State 76th Session!